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Production Lines

Data & AI solutions are delivered through Insight Factory Production lines.  An Insight Factory Production Line is the set of inter-connected tasks that need to be stitched together to deliver a complete Data & AI solution to your end-users. 

Factory Launch

Your Insight Factory is fully deployed in less than one day.
Our Factory Launcher enables rapid automated deployment of your Insight Factory across Development, Test, and Production Workspaces has successfully deployed Insight Factories to clients globally.

Build Production Lines

A Production Line will integrate every facet of your Data & AI process, from ingestion and storage to data engineering, AI & ML modelling, data sharing, visualisation, and orchestration. 

Insight Factory - Build

Deploy Production Lines

Your Insight Factory makes deploying Production Lines through your development lifecycle easier than ever with our simplified deployment and fully audited release management workflow capabilities. 

Manage and move entire Production Lines containing data, code, metadata, AI & ML models, Power Platform artefacts, schedules, and more with simple deployment between Development, Test & Production environments.

Deploy Production Lines

Operate Production Lines

Comprehensive performance, monitoring, management and optimisation of your Insight Factory Production Lines. Stay updated on the health of your Insight Factory at any given moment through real-time performance insight. 

allows you to fully manage and optimise your Production workload efficiency and cost.  With Insight Factory Pulse manage your DataOps, MLOps and InsightOps like never before:

Operate Production Lines

Control & Administer

Administer and control your Insight Factory from the Insight Factory Control Room.

Production Line Support

If you want to support your Production Workloads, our global support centre offers:

Our People "Factorians"

We offer a team of experienced insight translators, data scientists, data engineers, and data visualisation experts ready to build, deploy and operate Data & AI enabled Production Lines in your Insight Factory.

Our Professional Services provide the expertise you need to run your data and AI programs successfully.

Our Factorians work exclusively on the Insight Factory deployed in your Environment.

Our Solutions